Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading For Fun And Ideas

"The Following list of books contains suggestions for reading that is relevant to the Star Frontiers game. The more a player or referee reads for fun, the more ideas he will have to use during play or in creating an adventure.

The books listed below are only a few of the many good science and science fiction books available. Most of the authors listed have written many more books than can be shown here, so this list should be used as a starting point.


Anthony, Piers -- Macroscape
Anderson, Poul -- Ensign Flandry series
Asimov, Isaac -- Foundation trilogy; I, Robot; Gods Themselves
Asprin, Robert -- The Cold-Cash War
Bester, Alfred -- The Stars, My Destination
Blish, James -- Cities In Flight
Bradbury, Ray -- The Martian Chronicles
Brown, Frederick -- What Mad Universe
Brunner, John -- Stand On Zansibar
Budrys, Algis -- Rogue Moon
Chandler, Bertram A -- Commodore Grimes series
Clarke, Arthur C -- Rendezvous With Rama; Fountains Of Paradise
Clement, Hal -- Mission Of Gravity; Close To Critical
de Camp, L. Sprague -- Krishna series
Dick, Philip K. -- Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?
Dickson, Gordon R. -- Dorsai series
Drake, David -- Hammer's Slammers
Farmer, P. J. -- Riverworld series
Garrett, Randall -- Starship Death
Goulard, Ron -- many short novels
Haldeman, Joe -- The Forever War
Hansen, Karl -- War Games
Harrison, Harry -- Bill, The Galactic Hero, Stainless Steel Rat
Heinlein, Robert -- Starship Troopers; Moon Is A Harsh Mistress
Herbert, Frank -- Dune series
Laumer, Keith -- A Plague Of Demons; Retief series
Le Guin, Ursula K. -- The Left Hand Of Darkness
Lem, Slanislaw -- Solaris; The Cyberiad
Longyear, Barry -- Circus World
Niven, Larry -- Ringworld; Takes Of Known Space
Niven and Pournelle -- The Mote In God's Eye
Norton, Andre -- Star Rangers
Pohl, Frederick -- Gateway
Pournelle, Jerry -- The Mercenary
Russell, Eric Frank -- The Great Explosion
Saberagen, Fred -- Berserker series
Silverberg, Robert -- The Man In The Maze
Simak, Clifford -- City
Smith, E.E. -- Triplanetary; Space Patrol; Lensmen series
Stapleton, Olaf -- Last and First Men
Vance, Jack -- Big Planet; Tschai series; Demon Princes series
Van Vogt, A.E. -- Voyage of the Space Beagle
Varley, John -- Persistence Of Vision
Zelazny, Roger -- Lord Of Light"
-- S. Winter, 1982 Star Frontiers, p.61

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